The YouTube channel of Surrounded by Charms is here!

Hey hey! Last year, I was craving new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to express my creative self. Well, in the middle of last Summer (yup, quite long ago), I decided to buy a new camera and give a try to vlogging. 

Oh boy, never have I thought vlogging can be so difficult and frustrating! I never thought it was easy, no no no! But that it can be so tricky? Uh… You live and learn.

So first, I got a camera and a microphone, because, obviously, view and sound are the key factors in vlogging except for content. Content is always number one.

Then, I had to learn. What in particular? Everything that is necessary! Starting on how to use the camera, how to film myself, how to talk in front of the camera, and, eventually, how to edit all the clips into one consistent and preferably interesting vlog.

If I’m correct, I got the camera in July, and I hoped to start weekly vlogging from September. During those few months, I filmed tens of vlogs! Almost every day after work, while it was still bright outside, I was talking in front of the camera and documenting various aspects of my daily life. And when the sun was out, I was dug into Premiere Pro and its tutorials, learning how to transfer from one clip to another, how to make it all look smooth and pleasant, listening to lots of music and looking for that perfect soundtrack, and so on.

When I finally exported the very first vlog, I was incredibly happy! It was about making blueberry jam. I uploaded it on my channel and dug into making the next vlog. 

But as time passed, I learned more and more each day. And with that knowledge I was getting, I also understood that those very first vlogs, even though they’re not very bad, they’re also not good enough. Not good enough for me personally. That’s why I deleted them and kept working on other vlogs. 

And then, the university started. Long days at work, long evenings at night, and no sun on weekends, just never-ending Autumn grey… I haven’t filmed any new vlogs in Autumn or Winter, but I worked a lot on our travel vlogs from traveling to Italy in early September. Well, these train-tripping vlogs are now on YouTube and they’re here to stay! And with that I want to let you, my friend, know, that you can find my first travel vlogs on Surrounded by Charms YouTube channel and many more vlogs are there to come! And not only about travel but about home and other topics too. 

This challenge of trying a new way of creation and self-expression wasn’t easy but I’m incredibly excited about all the things to come!

February 28, 2020