The City Chef, Vilnius

On one Tuesday evening, it was pouring rain and the weather was terrible, I was starving and couldn‘t wait to get home and eat the dinner. But it happened to be that my boyfriend decided to go to the library and agreed to take there the books I already read so I wanted to go there as well and pick some new reads. Once we went out of the library, the weather wasn‘t better and wanted to hide from it so decided to find a nice restaurant where we could get dinner and warm a little bit. I remembered that right around the corner is a City Chef restaurant where we‘ve never been but it‘s rating on Foursquare was quite high so we got there quickly hoping for a decent meal and warmth.

Once we went inside, I immediately noticed a welcoming interior and liked the music that was playing. Then we got the menus and the variety of meals looked quite well and so did prices. Besides, there was a pleasantly surprising note at the bottom of the menu – after the meal you can get an ice cream from a self service machine – how cool is that?! And when our drinks arrived, I was surprised again (many pleasant surprises there were!) it was the first restaurant in Vilnius where I got lemonade with a metal straw. Because of sustainability and plastic-free movement, a lot of restaurants simply don‘t have plastic straws anymore what means that there are no straws at all. And here I got a metal straw – well done! P.s. The plates were made of metal as well – sustainable for ages!

Now let‘s talk about the food. I got a burger with onion rings and my love got chicken wings. Casual and simple meals, right? But they were so good! The bun was soft and fresh, the meat (pulled pork) was incredible – with perfectly chosen spices and sauce and the vegetables in the burger complemented it all in the best possible way. And spring onions were delicious too! The chicken wings weren‘t like the ones you get usually, these were more like homemade (as you can see in the pics) and were very tasty. Well, and the vegetables served with the wings were like the best version of sides made by mom or granny – very simple but oh so delicious! And of course, after the „normal“ food we got the ice cream – a nice treat at the end.

The whole experience exceeded our expectations (okay okay, it‘s partly because they weren‘t high – just good food). If you haven‘t been at the City Chef restaurant yet, don‘t wait any longer, just go there and enjoy a great dinner!

April 11, 2019