Healthy Mexican Food at Don Pedro in Vilnius

Since I found out that there are plenty of foods I can’t eat, going to restaurants wasn’t easy. But. I found a place where I can eat almost everything. It’s the Don Pedro restaurant in Vilnius. We’ve been there. We’ve eaten there. It was delicious. My stomach felt good after that. Yay!

New Restaurant Near Our Home!

Around a month ago when I was on my way home, I saw a signboard I’ve never seen before. Don Pedro. That’s what was written on it. I thought wait wait wait, what? A Mexican restaurant right next to our home and I haven’t noticed it before? I instantly googled it and couldn’t find this spot, just another one in a different part of the city. A little bit later, there were balloons over the entrance of Don Pedro. Apparently, it was their second spot in Vilnius and they’ve just opened! Hurray!

Mexican Food at Don Pedro

As we went to the Don Pedro restaurant for the first time, we wanted to try out everything. Each of their dishes seemed delicious. Also, they all seemed healthy as well. Oh, and they also have some vegetarian food – how cool is that?

After all, we decided to try out their original Don Pedro plate and a qasadia. The original plate consisted of a lot of beef, lavash with a delicious filling, potato chips, yogurt sauce, and veggies. The qasadia was lavash filled with chicken, veggies and just the right amount of cheese, it was served with potato chips, homemade tomato sauce, and guacamole. Oh, and for both dishes, we could choose if we want them with chicken or beef.

Healthy Choice

What I also liked a lot about the food was that they don’t use sauces such as ketchup or mayonnaise. They make superb sauces themselves and therefore the food is not only delicious but healthy as well. Oh, and what also surprised me was that the food they serve isn’t very spicy. As I’m not a spicy food lover and now I actually have to avoid spicy food (because of my stomach problems), that was great!

One more thing – we were really hungry once we got there and were thinking about having two mains and a snack but the guy who served us told their meals are quite huge so we went just for two mains. We were full after that.

All in all, we really enjoyed having dinner at Don Pedro restaurant. The staff was super helpful, the food was delicious and we even can be glad we had a healthy dinner! My love and I both agreed that we’ll come back here many more times.

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