Wonderful stay by the Como lake

During our train-tripping journey to Italy, Como was our final destination. 

In Como, we stayed for two full days. Since it was one day more than in all previous locations, we planned to rest a little bit and take things slower. It was a long journey altogether and a long week of work was waiting for us back at home so we wanted to regain our powers.

Once we arrived at Como, our Airbnb host was waiting for us in his vintage orange van. He even offered to take us some pics in it so the ride in this car was an experience itself. Besides, in our apartment we found a bottle of Prosecco wine, how cool is that!

It was a late evening when we settled in our apartment, therefore, we only went to the supermarket, got some groceries and cooked ourselves a dinner.

The following day, we slept until midday and then went for a walk in the Como. We were walking around the streets, appreciating the calm and the true feeling of vacation. A bit later, in the afternoon, we stood in the queue to the Brunate funicular. The queue was incredibly long and around one hour later, we finally got to Brunate. The view from that town in the mountains to the Como lake below was splendid, especially when the church bells were ringing, the atmosphere was divine. But there’s one thing we wanted to visit in Brunate, the lighthouse. The path to it was steep and not easy, but we made it.

The sun was setting down once we got into the lighthouse and the view was truly picturesque. Mountains all around, the incredible Como lake, tiny villas on the beachfront or high in the mountains… Ah, it felt so good to simply be there and watch the beauty around. When we got back to Como, it was already dark. We walked by the lake, appreciated all the romance of lights, music, the smell of nature and all the good vibes around us.

The next day, we took a boat ride and got to Varenna. There are multiple options to get into the other towns by the Como lake. The best option, in my opinion, is a day ticket which allows visiting any town by the Como lake. However, on Sunday such a boat doesn’t go and we had to take the speedboat to Varenna. Don’t be misled by its name, the speedboat isn’t very speedy and it takes around one hour to get from Como to Varenna. But the view is always changing and the ride went very smoothly.

In Varenna, we didn’t have a particular of what we want to do or visit. It felt so good to simply walk in that charming town, eat gelato, take pictures of the colorful and very beautiful houses and paths. The flowers and plants were on every corner and we were mesmerized by it. Even though it was a bit windy, the weather was perfect for a nice walk and we enjoyed Varenna a lot. It was very different from Como so we were happy to visit it.

And so our trip has come to an end.

Como was very calm and beautiful, and that was exactly what we expected it to be. Well rested, full of the charms of Italy, we were ready to get back home. Italy mesmerized us and we enjoyed our trip-traveling a lot.