Weekend at the seaside

After a couple of months of intensive studying and work, I wished for a calm and relaxing weekend. Preferably away from home. Well, we had a vacant weekend and went to Palanga.

On a late Friday evening, we packed our bags, drove to pick up some friends, and were off to the seaside. 

There’s a Summer house of my grandfather in Palanga where we love to spend our Summer vacations but with some extra heating, it’s also perfect for cold  Winter as well. 

Sometime after midnight, we finally arrived and were incredibly happy to get into the small, warm and incredibly cozy house. It felt like a magical place, promising fun and relaxing weekend.

There’s not much that can be done during the cold season by the sea. First, because it’s windy almost all the time. Secondly, there are no other places to visit except cafes.

So on Saturday, we went for a late breakfast into one of the best-rated cafes in Palanga – A-Petit. We got there right on time to get a table without waiting in the queue and couldn’t wait to try their delicious-to-be dishes. 

In case you also will be at Palanga and will go to the A-Petit, try out their cheese balls. That snack is so damn good! We also ate chili beef soup, onions’ soup, bebe burgers, and oven-baked ricotta and spinach pancakes. It all was very tasty and we were super happy about coming there.

After that, we went for a walk on the main street and got ourselves Palanga signature desserts – chocolate-covered waffles with nuts… Yum! Warm waffle, sweet chocolate, and crunchy hazelnut altogether taste wonderful! And together with a cup of coffee – it’s the best dessert you can get in Palanga. 

We also were lucky enough to come to the seaside when it wasn’t windy at all, just incredibly cold. Therefore, we spent some time walking by the sea and appreciating the beautiful sunny day out there. 

Soon after, we were icy cold and needed to warm up, that’s when we headed to Kretinga, a town near Palanga with a museum and marvelous Winter garden. Actually, that Winter garden was the reason we went there but the museum was quite interesting too. But the Winter garden was amazing! It was large enough, had plenty of different species of plants and some charming animals such as parrots, turtles and decorative fish. The most amazed I was by the Monstera which was incredibly huge, and the birds of paradise that were blooming beautifully.

Having in mind that this Winter Garden was there since the end of the XIXth century, it’s even more enchanting!

The next day we went to the Klaipeda for late breakfast at Meat Lovers and then drove to Klaipedas’ Zoo. The view there was very sad… Of course, it’s the end of November, and it was right before the sunset and when there’s no grass nor snow, everything looks sad. There were lots of cat family animals such as tigers, lions, and panthers, also some monkeys, lamas and other creatures. But the conditions there… They’re far from good. Therefore, it was lots of mixed feelings over there, on one hand, we were happy to see these beauties, but on the other hand, we were sorry for them living in such miserable conditions. 

Usually, I tend to skip zoo parks and do not support this kind of business but this time I saw it from a different perspective when it’s off the season and there are just a handful of visitors coming by, it must be very difficult to earn enough to take care of these animals. So hopefully our contribution will help them to feed some of these animals. 

Anyway, despite the sadness of the zoo, the weekend was superb. We enjoyed the seaside, saw the enchanting Winter garden, ate lots of delicious food, played table games, slept long and relaxed like it was a five-day vacation. I don’t mind dealing with daily problems and challenges when there’s this kind of treat waiting for me!

Do you also feel in need of a weekend getaway? Just choose a destination and go there!

November 22, 2019
November 26, 2019