Vegetarian Food and Sacred Vibes – Vegafe, Vilnius

Quite often I write about cafes but I noticed that there’ve been just a few posts about vegetarian places lately. As a person who was vegetarian for around five years, I love vegetarian food and know how difficult it is to find places where not only you but your friends as well would enjoy the food. Vegafe is one of my favorite places to go for a charming date with my love. Let me tell you why I enjoy it so much!

Feeling Like You’re in a Sacred Place

There’re two Vegafe cafes in Vilnius but the one in Saviciaus street is my favorite. I know it’s rare to say that a cafe can feel like a sacred place but this is so true! When you enter this place, you’re instantly surrounded by orient scents and mantras or calming songs. The first thing you have to do is to take off your shoes, only then can you sit down and get a menu. Besides, it’s always cozily dark there and because the music plays quite silently no one dares to talk loudly and everyone whispers.

The Food

You can choose anything from the menu, it all will be delicious! I don’t know how they manage to make everything so tasty or is it because I’m so mesmerized by the surroundings of this place but every time I ate there the food was perfect. My favorite dishes there are the samosa pastries and paneer pancakes. The samosas are made with various fillings, such as spinach and paneer, vegetables, caramel with sunflower seeds and many more. The paneer pancakes are similar to curd pancakes but are much lighter, they’re served with cinnamon, sour cream and jam which makes them even more delicious. I also love their Yogi tea, which is made from milk, a bit of brown sugar and spices, it tastes great and goes well with all vegetarian food.

It’s a wonderful place for lovely dates or girly talks with your bestie. So if you’d like to taste a vegetarian food, invite your love or friend or parents for a date and enjoy the food and charms of Vegafe.

P.s. There’re two Vegafe restaurants in Vilnius, one on Totoriu street and another on Saviciaus street. The food is perfect in both places but my favorite one is on Saviciaus street because of that sacred atmosphere.

More information about Vegafe here.