Two glorious food spots in Vienna

During my short visit to Vienna, together with my colleagues, I went to two great food spots in this city. When it comes to the most famous food in Vienna, there are two dishes to be mentioned. The Sachertorte and Schnitzel. 

Well, and that‘s what we ate in Vienna!

After breakfast at our hotel, we wanted to get some coffee and sweets. We knew about the world-famous Sachertorte and went to the Sacher hotel to try it out. The queue was not short. We hesitated for a minute if we should wait… And got in the queue. After half an hour of waiting, we were inside!

The interior of the café inside Sacher hotel is astonishing. So luxurious and posh, divided into two parts – one is for those, who want to enjoy the cake right now and the other part full of Sachertorte souvenirs and the cake itself that you can buy. 

We ordered the cake with coffee and some mineral water cause you know, lots of chocolate. 

The cake was good, very good (but nothing extra-extra-extraordinary). If you like chocolate cakes, you’ll like this one. But what was incredibly good is the whole experience. The staff was very good, the only food you could order was the cake with drinks, the whole atmosphere was high-class and that’s what we really liked. It felt like the true face of Vienna. Majestic.

The other place we went to was schnitzels restaurant Figlmuller.

We simply looked for a well-rated restaurant in the city center and this was it. One of the most famous schnitzel places in Vienna founded back in 1905. Again, once we came, the queue was even longer than near Sacher café. And again, we stood in line and waited. After almost one hour we got the table. Guess what we ordered! Yes, the famous schnitzels!

They were sooo big! 

By the entrance, I saw pictures of the schnitzels bigger than the plate. It was no joke. They truly were that big. And very tasty! Complemented with potato salad it was a perfect dinner that filled our bellies till the next day lunch.

That’s all we visited in Vienna honestly, and I truly believe it was the best food experience we could have had while there. So when you’ll be visiting this spectacular city, check out these two spots, they are wonderful!

December 30, 2019
January 16, 2020