Trip to Pazaislis Monastery

Sometimes, even very short trips can give us a lot of great things and this trip to Pazaislis monastery was exactly like that. Just a few hours away from home, three of us and hearts full of amazement.

Flashback to My Childhood

Since I was a little kid, I loved traveling. But not only abroad, my home country was more than enough for me as a kid. Probably because of my grandfather, who traveled the world and saw many wonderful places but his favorite ones are here, in Lithuania. When I was little, he always brought me together to see the beauty of our country and these are the memories I’ll never forget. However, as I got elder, I was traveling less and less in Lithuania.

Finding Beauty Nearby

A couple of weeks ago, when I was making my bucket list for this summer, I also remembered an enchanting place I visited once with my classmates. Pazaislis monastery. In my mind, this place seemed spectacular and thought it would be great to visit it again. Therefore, I suggested my parents go on a one day trip to Pazaislis monastery and they were happy to do so.

Story Between The Walls of Pazaislis Monastery

When we came to Pazaislis monastery, it was a bit moody day, with lots of clouds and wind. Probably because of the weather, there weren’t many people. Actually, there were just a couple of them.

We started exploring Pazaislis monastery from the museum, where all the history of this place was represented. We learned about the monks who used to live there, about wealthy patrons who took care of the monastery and turned it into a real palace. We also learned about all the difficult times this place had to live by and how many wonderful things and building were lost during the war.

However, as we were walking around all those astonishing buildings a little bit later, I couldn’t stop feeling like I’m in an extraordinary place. It felt like a movie where the time was stopped and all the people became invisible.  I was amazed by the beauty of this place and the sacred vibe it has. Even though we spent just a few hours there, it seemed like forever, the time had truly stopped there.

We were walking around in all those buildings, appreciating the greatness and significance of them. Even though we spent just a few hours there, it seemed like forever, the time had truly stopped there.

I believe that we all need to escape our daily life from time to time and explore wonderful places. It fills our hearts and minds with joy and inspiration, two things that are needed in order to live to the fullest. Our trip to Pazaislis monastery gave me even more than I needed. It was a wonderful trip and we all regained all the powers that were lost. Pazaislis monastery is a great and sacred place everyone should visit.

July 3, 2018