Tortine – A Place for Sweet-Tooths in Vilnius

About a week ago I met with my besties and a delicious dinner wasn’t enough for us so we found the nearest place where cakes were served and, I don’t exaggerate, it was perfection! Tortine – a wonderful place for sweet-tooths in Vilnius.

In most cases, it takes time for me to find a place where I would love to go but this time we just needed to find something close to us and where any desserts would be served. The closest place was this one – Tortine – so we headed straight there.

Once we entered, my first thought was “Oh boy! This place is so Instagrammable!” It was because, obviously, the first thing I saw was the interior, which was minimal and chic. Pastel tones and light wood tables looked very appealing and the best decor elements were… the cakes!

Speaking of cakes, they had many of them and it was incredibly difficult to choose which one to eat because they all were mouth-watering and looked delicious! The girl who worked there was very kind and told us a lot about every dessert but once I heard that they have a pistachios cake I know that this is the one. I love pistachios and whenever I need to choose something with or without them – I’m always “with“.

The pistachios cake, as well as other desserts, was wonderful. You know that feeling when you have no expectations and then you’re incredibly surprised and happy? This was the same, I simply wanted a decent cake but got one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten.

Do I recommend for you to go there? Yes! Yes! Yes! And you better go there when you’re at least a little bit hungry because I wished I could be able to try more desserts but I was full after dinner. When you’ll need to meet with someone – go there, you won’t be disappointed because this place is heaven!

More about this place and where to find it – here.