Tips for traveling in Corfu

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Greece islands, located in the Ionian sea, right next to Albania. It’s full of greenery such as trees, bushes, and colorful flowers. We visited this island in mid-May with the family and our vacay there was completely amazing.

Each time when I’m preparing for a trip, I like to read as much information about it as possible and be sure I won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Therefore, I’m writing this post, and if you’re like me and want to be fully prepared for your upcoming trip to Corfu, have a read cause there are the tips for traveling in Corfu.

Traveling in the Corfu island

If you’re thinking what is the best way to explore Corfu island, it definitely is by a car. Just rent a car and see the whole island! We rented our car from Corfu Car Rentals (aka Value Cars), our experience with this company was great – they picked us from the airport, the rental process took no more than 10 minutes, and when we returned it we just stopped at their office for like 5 minutes (all the guys immediately put our luggage in the van and checked the car) and we were driven back to the airport. So far it was the best car rental experience of ours and I couldn’t even imagine how it could be made better. Oh, and their prices are really good even with the full coverage insurance. So there’s no need to hesitate what’s the better option – public transport, rented car, taxi or something else. Car is cheap and gives you infinite flexibility to travel wherever you want whenever you want.

Where to stay

When we were thinking where should we stay, we looked for various options but in the end, we chose Agios Gordios, a lovely town by the sea at the west of Corfu. Was it a good decision? Well, we really liked the town because there were enough restaurants, shops and other things to see and do, and the beach there was also great. After traveling to many other towns of Corfu and seeing how it’s going there, now I’d probably stay for some time in the Middle West or East of Corfu and also would spend some time in the North Corfu. The thing is, even though the island is pretty small, the way is still long because of the mountains, so if you want to not only lay in the beach or by the pool, it’d be great to spend some time exploring the middle part of the island and then explore the North. What about South? The weather wasn’t very pleasant in mid-May and I even couldn’t manage to get into the sea because of how cold it was so as South is worth visiting mainly because of the beaches, we skipped it so I’ve no right to comment on that part.

Keep in mind

Always have some cash with you because very often it happens that at the restaurants it’s impossible to pay by card because of weak internet connection. There were only a few restaurants and shops where we were able to pay by card and in most places, it’s only payable by cash. Oh, and stay away from Euronet ATMs cause these will charge you a fortune for getting you cash. One more thing to keep in mind – in most hotels there’s only one power socket in one room so it’s good to bring extension.

So these are the main things you need to know before traveling to Corfu. There’s also Corfu food guide and must visit places in Corfu you might want to read so check them out!