Tina We Salute You, London

Tina We Salute You is one of my favorite places to eat in and work from in London. I visited it for the first time early this year and fell in love with it from the first sight. I know that when it comes to coffices and cafes, there are some particular things that must be told about, such as food, staff and… power sockets! But Tina We Salute You is more than just an ordinary place so I want to tell you why I love it.

The First Reason

I am an admirer of acts of creative minds. When I first read the name of this place I thought “what? Tina We Salute You?!” but right after that followed “that’s genius!”. The fact that someone gave this kind of name to a cafe sounded intriguing. I wanted to know more about this place! I found it by using Foursquare app so it was super easy to satisfy my curiosity and see how this place looks like because there are plenty images of this place in the app. They had extraordinary wall art pieces and this was it! I knew I have to go there and see them by myself!

The Second Reason

The location of Tina We Salute You was perfect for us. Located close to Startford, right next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this place is easy to reach by foot or by bus (at least from our place!). We’ve been there many times and always we either have a walk in the park and then go to work there or we do some shopping at the Westfield Startford and end our evening at this place. However, pretty much always, before or after visiting Tina We Salute You, we have some fun time at the park’s playground and I love it!

The Third Reason

Food! The food there is delicious! To complement a cup of tea you can choose from delicious cakes and croissants. They also serve super tasty food and have brunch offers so there are plenty of options to choose from! Speaking of staff, they’re very helpful and kind so if you’re going to spend the whole day working there and drinking only a few cups of tea or coffee, that’s okay for them!

Tina We Salute You will always be one of my favorite places in London, this is where I always find inspiration and where calming nature can be seen through the window. Oh, and speaking of those coffice criterias, they don’t have much power sockets but usually the place is not full so it’s possible to find a vacant table next to power socket. Coffee is great there, staff is awesome, and.. that’s pretty much all you need!

You can find more about this place here.


November 17, 2017