The Good Life Eatery in West London

When it comes to sweets and tasty treats I am like a kid! What could be better than a cup of proper coffee and a piece of delicious cake on a lovely afternoon? Yes! A cup of coffee with a cake and your love or best friend in a bright and cozy cafe! But when it comes to finding those cosy cafes I spend ages scrolling Foursquare and still hesitating which one should I choose.

We all have some criteria when we are looking for new places. I always look for cafes that would be cosy, have at least three fresh desserts to choose from, would not be overpriced and would not be always crowded but sometimes I ignore this criterion if I am okay with a takeaway dessert or if I have my fingers crossed and hope to find a vacant table.

If you will ever happen to be in West London (which you probably will if you will go for a walk in Hyde Park or Oxford Street), pop in this lovely The Good Life Eatery for a cup and healthy snack (or a cake, if you are like me!). It is one of the hidden gems in London that I and my boyfriend have happened to found this weekend. The cafe is so bright and eclectic, and have a skylight so it should be even cosier on a rainy day when you could hear the raindrops falling on it.

The red velvet cake we had was delicious and the coffee was just the way I love it to be, not to mention the superb staff. So if you are looking for a great cafe in London, I highly recommend you to visit this one, The Good Life Eatery, you will not regret it!

July 18, 2017