Tallinn eats: all the tasty spots we visited

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a short weekend getaway in Tallinn. Even though we‘ve spent not that much time in this city, we visited some pretty nice food spots and I want to share them with you.


The first restaurant we went to was Bollywood. It was located right next to our Airbnb and even though it‘s rating wasn‘t very good, we wanted Indian food too much and decided to give it a try. As it was still lunchtime, we ordered their lunch menu: soup and a plate of various chutneys with rice and Indian bread. Surprisingly, all the food was incredibly delicious. It was a surprise because after seeing various and not always good reviews on the internet we expected the food to be average. Well, it was truly great and I suggest you try this place yourself when visiting Tallinn because the prices are good, the atmosphere is very cozy and even romantic, I‘d say, and it‘s located in the city center.


On Friday night, we went to a hipster area in Tallinn and ended up having dinner at a hustling F-Hoone restaurant. It was crowded and we had to wait a little bit to get a table but I‘m glad we did. The vibe of this place reminded us of a lot of the hipster places in London and it felt incredible. For dinner, we both ordered Furgers (F-burgers). Have you ever ate a burger not with a bun but with dark bread. Yup, that‘s right, dark bread. We complemented Furgers with some bear and I can tell you it was exactly what we needed for a great Friday night in Tallinn.

So Brooklyn

Saturday is market day, right? Right! So on Saturday, we went to explore the city and one of the locations was the Baltic Jaam market. And in the market, we spotted a very pretty looking So Brooklyn cafe with some nice brunchy food. We got a bagel with salmon, pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and tea with sweet waffles. Everything was soo good! We had a great lunch there and even decided to make similar pancakes at home.

Maiasmokk Cafe

The last cafe we went to in Tallinn was Maiasmokk Cafe. It‘s a very old cafe, with a museum of marzipan and various chocolate (and other) sweets. Actually, the view from the window made me want to go there and so we did. However, we expected it to be better. While the interior was super pleasing, the food wasn‘t that good. We got a chocolate cake, a latte, and hot chocolate. Well, the cake was a bit dull and we truly expected it to be extraordinary cause it‘s one of the most famous spots in Tallinn so the food must be delicious too. In reality, it was a very average chocolate cake. The late was as all lates are and the hot chocolate… Well, I myself make not worse hot chocolate at home. However, despite that, I suggest you at least come to check out this place, not necessarily to eat something (but maybe it‘s worth giving a chance, maybe it‘s just we who got unlucky).

And this is it. These are all the food places we went to while on our short visit to Tallinn. My friend couldn‘t believe we didn‘t go to the Old Hansa restaurant but we wanted a different kind of experience and we got that. Honestly, I wouldn‘t do it any other way, unless we had some more time there, then maybe we‘d give a try for the Old Hansa.

February 17, 2020