Switching off at Vytautas Mineral SPA

Last weekend was a blast… I needed some time off so badly and finally, the day has come – we drove to Birstonas to spend a weekend at Vytautas Mineral SPA.

As it was Easter time and therefore we had three days of holidays, my love and I decided to skip the Easter egg painting and food preparation this year and spend the weekend away.

Vytautas Mineral SPA is one of the newest and most beautiful SPA places in Lithuania. Located in a lovely town of Birstonas, surrounded by enchanting nature it’s a wonderful place to have a rest.

We arrived there on Friday afternoon and spent some great time enjoying the swimming pools and saunas. There are five different saunas, each of them different and as we didn’t have any procedures scheduled for the first time, we had plenty of time to try them all. Also, there are three different swimming pools for adults, one for kids and a jacuzzi. So we haven’t even noticed how the time flew as we were relaxing while in the saunas and swimming pools.

Besides, not only the SPA area is great for relaxation at Vytautas Mineral SPA. There’s an incredible reading room where you can go to read and spend some time in silence. Oh, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen. The rooms’ interior decisions are rather unusual but wonderful. There’s a spheric hill in the middle of the round room and on top of it is a person with a book and the ceilings look like the moon. Spectacular!

On the second day, we had two procedures scheduled. One of them was mineral inhalation which is good for breathing system and later on, we enjoyed relaxing whole body massages. It was such a good experience! All the stress and tension simply had to go away and at least I felt incredibly calm and happy.

One more thing I want to tell you about – it’s the breakfast. The variety of foods you can choose to have for breakfast is insanely wide. One table with various egg dishes and grilled vegetables, another table with pancakes and curd pies, other one with cereals and fresh vegetables, one more with sweets and desserts, and even one more with drinks. I even felt lost because everything seemed delicious and I wanted to try it all!

Weekend away at Vytautas Mineral SPA was a splendid experience. We both, my love and I, felt well rested, relaxed and balanced again. If you haven’t been there yet, check out this place and book your visit, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!