Shark Tail Sushi in Vilnius Take Away

There’s an Asian food restaurant close to our home called Shark Tail Sushi. I’ve never tried their food before because across the street is a pizza place and probably I’m more a pizza person than a sushi person. Well, but that’s great when there are some unexpectedly nice things to discover in life, right? Same goes for cafes and restaurants, and Shark Tail Sushi is one of them!

Surprise Lunch

However, a couple of days ago both I and my boyfriend had no eager to cook (yes, even pasta seemed a no-no) and my bf ordered something take away. It was a nice surprise lunch for me. He didn’t say where the food will be from and went to take it. Meanwhile, I worked on one project and wondered whether we’ll have a pizza or burgers. Surprise surprise! It was food from the Shark Tail Sushi restaurant!

Shark Tail Sushi Without Shark Tail

Well, I’m not sure if I was extremely hungry at that time and therefore the sushi and spring rolls were so delicious, but the fact is – they were superb. I enjoyed every bite and was very happy about this surprise lunch we had. Sushi was rich in taste, well rolled and simply tasted great. Of course, we complemented them with some wasabi, ginger, and soya but that’s exactly how sushi should be eaten. Well, the spring rolls were also wonderful. I love when they’re hot, but not too hot, and crispy from the outside. These spring rolls were exactly how I like them to be! Delicious!

So if you’ll want to have some tasty Asian food (especially sushi), remember that Shark Tail Sushi is a perfect place. I’m incredibly happy that I finally tried their food, I’m sure we’ll eat sushi as often as pizza from now on. 

You may find more information about Shark Tail Sushi here.