Secret Gems of Hackney, London – Number 90

I am always looking for places where tasty food meets exceptional atmosphere. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I were enjoying sunny afternoon and biking by the canal not far away from our home. This time we passed by this wonderful secret gem for the first time.

It looked like a splendid hipster place from the canal, the terrace was crowded and the reflections of colourful lights were playing on the water. Right next to the terrace, on the other bank of the canal, lovely boats were floating. It felt nothing like the always hustling and bustling London we knew. Did we go to that welcoming bar? No, the bikes won that match but we went there later.

Last week, when the English weather was finally a little bit better and the rain stopped pouring, we remembered that joyful terrace that we have not visited. After checking their working hours and finding that not only they make charcoal burgers but also offer two burgers for the price of one we could not resist and headed straight to the bar Number 90!

It was quite a surprise to see how spacious their main area is, from the outside it seemed like a small cosy pub but, in reality, it was a roomy, inspiring and a little bit rustic place with, of course, marvellous terrace by the canal. No wonder what we ordered – two charcoal burgers, please! And… Two pints of cold beer. It is all you need for a proper dinner date.

The burgers were superb but what I have enjoyed most while being there was that ingenuous and melancholic feeling of fullness of life, eternity and the significance of a moment.

July 18, 2017