Retreat at Margis Hotel & SPA

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Margis resort near Trakai. We were planning to go there for quite a while but summer weekends were full of activities and we postponed this retreat until September. It also happened to be a week after our trip to Cyprus and as the week after vacation was really intense it was great to escape to nature, stay at a lovely Margis hotel and enjoy the time there.

Margis hotel and SPA is located in a lovely place by the lake, close to Trakai, one of the most beautiful towns in Lithuania. It was also four years anniversary since my boyfriend and I met each other so this trip made our weekend truly special. 

During the weekend, we completely disconnected from the outside world and enjoyed our time together. Once we got to the Margis hotel on Friday evening, we took a walk to explore the surroundings. Walking in a park, breathing in chilly and lake smelling air, and observing gorgeous webs with spiders in the middle. We finished the day by sipping rose wine and bear, complementing them with delicious snacks and a chocolate fondant… What could be better?

Meanwhile, the Saturday was much more intensive but oh so relaxing. It began with a delicious breakfast and a warm jacuzzi after that. As we were enjoying the bubbling water I got myself thinking that it was a great decision to come here during Autumn because there weren’t a lot of people and sometimes it felt like it’s just us there even though the parking was full of cars. The was no feeling of rush, just us, here, enjoying the moment and our time together.

As our retreat included a tennis game after jacuzzi we jumped into our gym wear and had a lot of fun at the tennis court. Chasing that small yellow ball requires a lot of energy but with all that running and sweat all the troubles and stress fade away. I had forgotten how well an active sport helps to cope with all those negative things in our life and makes us more relaxed that tired.

After the game, we rested a little bit in our lovely room. What I loved most about it were the huge windows with a view to the pine trees. Later on, we drove to Trakai, where we had a walk by the lakes and had a lunch at the famous Senoji Kibinine. This restaurant is a must visit in Trakai because of their pastries kibinai – traditional Karaite food.

Once we got back to the Margis resort, we still had two to-dos on our list: a boat sailing in a lake and SPA. As it was an evening already, we got on a boat and went sailing in a beautiful lake nearby. The sunset was magical and it was so calm around us that it felt like the time has stopped. It was just us in a boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by woods. As I took over the paddles, it was even more meditating. And there’s nothing better after a meditation than an SPA. 

So in the evening, the SPA was full of people but that didn’t bother us. We enjoyed hot saunas, a chilly swimming pool and had a couple of cups of herbal tea. This was exactly what we needed to get into a sleepy mood. We tried to watch a movie after the SPA but we passed out quickly even though it was only around 9 or 10 pm. In the morning, I felt rested as well as I’d had spent the whole week in this resort. 

This retreat was all about leaving away the digits and enjoying the mental and physical retreat and each others company to the fullest. Located in a wonderful place, this resort brought us all we needed: rest, calm and joy.

September 18, 2018