Probably the best Airbnb in the old town of Warsaw

We stayed at a wonderful Airbnb flat in Warsaw. In the middle of its old town, actually. And I’ll dare to say it probably is the best Airbnb you can stay at while in Warsaw.

So what makes me say that?

Well, it all began in mid-December when I got tickets to Warsaw. Soon after, we started looking for a place to stay.

Of course, Airbnb is one of the two main platforms we use for accommodation. And, usually, I expect it to offer some unusual places to stay at.

When it was around two months left until our journey, we decided to wait no longer and book a place for our trip.

The time flew by and there it was. We finally arrived at our Airbnb.

Through the doors to the cafeteria, we went up spiral stairs to the third floor. When the staircase ended, we were by the final doors, which seem to be leading to the rooftop. Unlocked it and went one more floor up. There was our tiny but yet very lovely flat. 

The flat itself is narrow but “tall” – doors on the first floor, kitchenette with living room and bathroom, and then, on the lofty third floor, in the bedroom. These are small spaces but provide everything that can be needed for a great stay. 

However, the plan of the flat is not the only interesting thing. The interior decisions are what make it special. The flat is decorated with simple but classy prints that are the accents of the kitchenette and living room. Also, in the hall kind-of-corner, is a large wardrobe which is also right next to the staircase to the bedroom. To use the space on top of the wardrobe, the owner of the flat turned it into a bookshelf where aloe vera is also growing. And to make this space even cozier, they put a mirror which reflects part of the bedroom and staircase. 

So there’s no doubt the flat is very cozy and great for a relaxing vacation stay. But there’s one more detail which is like a cherry on top.

It’s the views from the windows.

If I’m correct, there are eight windows in this tiny flat, facing three sides of the surroundings. And the impression we got while still on the stairway, that it’s like doors to the rooftop, was so right. 

Each of these eight windows shows a little bit different picture of the charming old town. Lots of red rooftops of the narrow buildings. Little and large windows hiding their own stories behind the curtains. Even more chimneys than the rooftops, some of them old, some of them new. Pigeons and crows flying all around, chasing each other or resting in the sunlight. Echoes of sounds on the streets nearby, filled with laughter, bikes’ horns, and barks of dogs. And the sky. Lots of it. In various colors and ever-changing horizons. 

Yum, I’m pretty sure it’s the best Airbnb in the old town of Warsaw.