Where to stay in Lodz, Poland

Planning your trip to or through Lodz and wondering where should you stay while there? Well, there is a perfect place.

Lodz is the third-largest city in Poland and is known for its industrial past. We have visited this city twice and were lucky for our first visit to choose, I dare to say, a perfect place.

There is a closed quarter not far from the city center which, actually, has everything you might need. And huge, red-brick buildings, where a factory used to be, look admirably. Now it is a mix of residential flats, airbnbs, and, according to Google maps, there are multiple hotels in it.

Probably the Most Private Place in Lodz

First of all, the quarter is private – the whole area is fenced and well-maintained, has its own little park with a pond perfect for daily strolls with a dog. There also is a private playground for the kids to play or for adults to enjoy the swings. Also, there is a closed underground garage where one can get only with a remote or through the building. The building itself also has 24/7 security.

Yum… This Part for is for Foodies

Moreover, there are three, if not more, places to eat in the same quarter.

A cafeteria T.25 cafe that serves the most delicious freshly baked pastries is right in front of the main entrance, thus it takes no more than three minutes to put on your shoes and get that mouthwatering chocolate croissant. Besides, it is open from early morning till late evening. Therefore, you can get more than pastries there, how about a glass of Aperol for example? What I have in mind is they are open almost all the time and you can get something tasty whenever you might want it.

Right next to this cafe, is an Asian food spot Hot Sushi & Wok. The dishes here are so good that we ate at this place three or maybe even four times. They have sushi, curries, bowls, and many other options. During warm evenings it is pleasant to eat in the outdoor seating, inside they also have a few tables, but it’s also optional to get food takeaway and enjoy it back at airbnb or by the pond.

Next door is yet another restaurant, Cesky Film, always full of people. However, for some reason, we haven’t visited the place ourselves, mostly because the first two spots were incredibly good.

And next to the restaurant is a groceries store. Is small but has everything you might need – a snack, fresh veggies, or toothpaste if you forgot to bring yours.

Airbnbs to Stay at While in Lodz

Both times when in Lodz, we rented flats through Airbnb.

The first time, we chose a loft with a spacious kitchen, living room, and a dining/working area on the first floor; and a bedroom with a bathroom on the mezzanine.

We spent a week there during our workation and fell in love with the quarter from the moment we got there. You may find the listing here.

The second time, we were staying in Lodz for one night only and since the place we stayed at previously was already booked, we found another studio flat in the same building. It was this one.

Their prices are very similar and they both are nicely maintained. However, we liked the loft more since it has more space and the parking in the private garage is included in the price. Meanwhile, the second place – the studio – is simply a one-room studio on the ground floor so there’s not much space. But the paid spot we got in the garage was very close to the entrance. Thus we were happy to get our luggage from and to the car momentarily.

So, if you are looking for a place to stay while in Lodz, I suggest you check out these Airbnb listings, we enjoyed them both and so did our dog.