Must-visit spots in Lodz, Poland

Are you looking for must-visit spots in Lodz? Well, it is a city of contrasts, one may find them even too contrasting. But let me assure you, there are places you should definitely visit.

What are the must-visit spots in Lodz?

T.25 Cafe is just the indicator for the location – go there, get a cup of coffee with a freshly baked pastry and go for a stroll around the huge red-brick building. You will find a nice pond and a clean park in the backyard (yup, clean, as you’ll notice, it’s a rarity in Lodz). After the stroll, you can pop up to the Hot Sushi and Wok where you’ll be served delicious Asian dishes.

Księży Młyn is another precious landmark just across the street from the quarter where the T.25 Cafe is located. It won’t take much of your time, but it’s worth passing by. Also, there you will find other nice-looking food spots. But since we haven’t tried any of them, I have nothing to say about the food.

NieWinni is a hipster place in Lodz we stumbled upon accidentally. Right next to it we saw quite a few art modern works and the winery itself looked super chill and inviting. Sadly, we were in a rush so couldn’t stop there for a slow glass of wine even though we really wanted to.

White Factory is located right next to NieWinni and is a beautiful landmark reminiscing the good old days of Lodz.

OFF Piotrkowska is a shopping mall surrounded by street art, lots of cool cafes, and boutiques. Here you will definitely find delicious food and even artsy items made by local creators.

Rose Pasage moving further through the Piotrkowska, do not miss the Rose passage which looks good even at night.

Manufaktura is the last spot I suggest you visit. It is a shopping mall with hipstery surroundings. There are lots of cafes and restaurants as well as well-known brand shops.

Lodz is an interesting city but its beauty can be difficult to find. However, it has its hidden gems and these are the ones we managed to discover during our visit. Hope you’ll find them interesting too!

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