Pizza Union in Spitalfields, London

Every week at least once, my love and I are looking for a place to have dinner somewhere near Shoreditch. A few months ago, we visited the Pizza Union in Spitalfields for the first time and fell in love with it. Let me tell you why exactly it happened.

The problem with cafes and restaurants in London is that they’re on every corner but, usually, great places are overcrowded and if there are no people at the restaurant it says something about it as well… (you know what I mean, right?) But there also are some great restaurants a bit further from the main streets so only people who already know about them go there or the ones who are wondering around and accidentally find them.

However, we found this place by using the Foursquare app. I remember how one August evening we were walking around Shoreditch, getting more and more hungry but wherever we wanted to go was crowds of people and we would have had to wait for too long… We were so tired that decided to go home, grab a pre-made pizza at the nearest grocery store and eat it at home! Gladly, when we were close to the Liverpool station, we opened Foursquare one more time and it showed a pizza place nearby. We went to check it out and… Voila! We found the Pizza Union!

The first thing we noticed was that there were many long tables so it was quite easy to find a place for two. Also, people were coming and leaving, it seemed like when you’re finished with pizza, it’s time to go. Later on, we figured out that even when the place is full, you have to wait for no longer than a few minutes. That was great! Speaking of prices, they’re pretty low, especially compared to other places in London and this is awesome! But that’s not all, the best things are that pizzas are made extremely quickly and the taste is superb. We never had to wait for our pizzas for more than ten minutes and always, I mean, always, they were delicious.

Oh and they have multiple locations in London so if you’ll happen to be in Aldgate, King’s Cross or Spitalfields and you’ll need a proper pizza, this is the place to go. We go there quite often because there’s no other place where you can always get a table and have a delicious dinner for a reasonable price.

Enjoy your pizza! Cheers!

October 30, 2017