Open Kitchen in Vilnius, Here We Come!

When it’s Friday and weather is pretty good, Open Kitchen in Vilnius is the place to go. Therefore, last Friday, after work, my love and I went for a walk in the old town. The weather was so nice it almost felt like summer and we decided to have a dinner at the Open Kitchen. So… Open Kitchen, here we come!

Whatever You Want – It’s Here!

What I love most about cafes in open spaces is that even if you have no idea what you want to eat, you’ll still find something. Same goes for the Open Kitchen. There are around 30 restaurants to choose from. Last Friday was one of those days when we couldn’t decide what we want to eat. We just knew it must be something light and delicious. So we went through all the stalls and vans until we found falafels. This is the food I could eat every day, it’s delicious, filling and very light. So without any hesitations, we ordered a plate of falafels.

The falafels were truly delicious! But what I also enjoyed about them a lot were the colors. Never before have I seen such a colorful dish! Altogether it looked very appetizing.

However, we got not only a plate of falafels but some Armenian pachlava as well. I fell in love with this honey and nuts rich cake when I visited Greece many years ago and ever since I always get a piece of this cake whenever I have a chance. It was the first time I ate Armenian variation of this cake but it was very similar to the other versions I’ve tried before. The main difference from other traditional baklavas (that’s how Greek cake is called) was that Armenians use not only honey and nuts for the fillings but dried fruits as well. We tried one piece of cake with walnuts and dates, and another one with pistachios, cashews and orange-peel. They were divine!

Cuisines of The World

However, there is a truly wide range of various cuisines. You can choose not only from pizza, pasta and burgers. There also is fish and chips, burritos, woks, sweets and many more appetizing dishes. Besides, it’s a great place for groups of friends. Because it’s always quite difficult to find a restaurant where everyone would find the food they want, especially when some friends are vegetarians or vegans. At Open Kitchen everyone can find something delicious no matter what their food preferences are.

Also, the tables are shared among all restaurants so you can sit wherever you want. And nice music is being played there so it’s just a perfect place to spend time with friends and enjoy food and the positive vibes.

Open Kitchen is definitely the best place for street food lovers in Vilnius who want to have superb food and try out different cuisines. The atmosphere there is very relaxing and positive. Besides, you can grab some food and go to the park nearby and enjoy the picturesque views of Vilnius old town.

Open Kitchen is open on Fridays and Saturdays, you can find more information about it here.