Oh My… Holy Donut!

I’m a real sweets fan so when I had to meet with friends, I looked for something sweet! There’s one place in the city center where every sugar craving person must go. It’s Holy Donut. This is where I go quite often and wanted to take my girls there too.

I Want Them All!

Oh, Holy Donut is a wonderful place, especially when you come here during the day. Then you can find the shelves full of mouthwatering donuts. Meanwhile, in the evenings most donuts are sold out and you need to choose from those that are left. But it’s like that in every bakery. That’s why it’s better to come here a bit earlier and choose from all the donuts they have!

Gladly, this time we met around midday and they still had loads of donuts! It wasn’t easy to decide which one I want most but, eventually, I took the one with pistachio. I wanted to taste one more donut but since I decided to have a super sweet mint cacao it would have been too much sugar even for me!

Not Only Donuts Here

What’s also great about Holy Donut is that they have not only donuts on their menu so it’s safe to go there with ones, who aren’t sugar fans. So what they have? There’s a breakfast menu where you can find the most common breakfast options but what I like most (except donuts) is that they always have bagels! The bagels are served not only when it’s breakfast time but all day long and evening too. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t want sweet donuts and would prefer something healthy but delicious.

So one more thing I want to tell you about is Holy Donut’s drink menu. They have everything ordinary, such as tea and coffee or juice, but they also have various fruit coctails, hot chocolate drinks, mint cacao (this one is wonderful!) and… freakshakes! Yup, those insane sugar bomb drinks with ice cream, loads of syrups and other ingredients such as cookies, gummies and so on. Therefore, it’s truly a place to go when you’re craving sugar!

Holy Donut is truly a heaven full of donuts. It’s one of my favorite place to go, especially when I need something sweet. Freshly baked delicious donuts, mouthwatering bagels with various fillings and perfect drinks for everyone’s taste is it. If you’ve never been there, oh, you must visit this place, and if you’re already tried it out, I’m sure you totally agree with me that this place is incredible!

Oh, and you can find more information about Holy Donut here