Must visit places in Corfu, Greece

Our family vacation in Corfu island was wonderful and we enjoyed our time there a lot so I made a list of must visit places in Corfu. We spent there one week in total and as we had a car the whole time, we were able to explore the island and see its gems. So what should be visited while in Corfu?

Kaiser’s Throne

A lovely spot up on the mountain right next to Pelekas town. A panoramic view of almost whole island can be seen from there as well as the mountains of Albania.

Panagia Mirtiotissa beach and monastery

The way down there is quite challenging and I recommend to leave the car in the taverna’s parking right before you reach the Mirtiotissa beach. The main beach is for nudists but if you prefer some clothes, there’s a nice small beach for this too. Well, and the monastery is small but lovely. When we were there, no other person was there and we were alone in this paradise. Lovely place, a must see I say!

Vlacherna monastery

A bit further from the Corfu city center, Vlacherna monastery is a lovely place to see so make sure to come there. Also, there’s a bridge from where people watch planes flying as the airport is very close so check our departures and arrivals as there aren’t much flights there and come to this place when planes will be flying.

Paleokastritsa beaches and monastery

Beaches in Paleokastritsa town are known as some of the most beautiful ones so they definitely are a must see. At the end of the road through Paleokastritsa, you’ll find spacious parking so leave a car there and go up the mountain to visit the monastery which is lovely. Besides, next to monastery is a restaurant with picturesque views, great for a cup of coffee!

Canal d’Amor in Sidari

When visiting North Corfu, Canal d’Amor is a must see. Wonderful cliffs, beautiful views and nice restaurants nearby!

Angelokastro castle

Even though it’s only the remains of Angelokastro castle, this place is beautiful and interesting to see. One of the most important castles of Corfu which gives you splendid views of the surroundings. Entrance fee is 2 Eur per person.

Corfu donkey rescue

When visiting all the beaches and other ordinary sights of the island, this stop is a completely different experience. There you’ll meet not only donkeys but also some cats, dogs, horses, and mules.

Porto Timoni Beach

The most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, no doubts, is this one. Don’t even try to reach it by car, it’s impossible, and be ready to hike for 1 km or so (yup, put your flipflops in the backpack and put on some sneakers). There are two paths to the beach, as we went one way through one path and got back through another, I can tell you that the way through Dionysus restaurant is much better one especially if you’re traveling with kids or elders. Well, and the beach is wonderful!

Corfu town

Well, the Corfu town is definitely a must see. Lovely port with lots of large and small boats, narrow streets, buzzing restaurants, flowers everywhere, and charming market. Loved it!

Lakones village

On the way to or back from Angelokastro castle, you’ll drive through this lovely Lakones village. Stop there for a walk and enjoy the narrow streets of this colorful village.

These are the places I liked a lot and think everyone traveling in Corfu should see them. Besides, if you’ll be renting a car, we rented ours from Value Rental and our experience with them was incredibly good. So yup, this is it. Even though it’s a small island there are still plenty things to do and see and the beaches are fabulous!

May 28, 2019
June 4, 2019