Memories from Rome, Italy

A couple of days ago I felt an incredible eager to travel. Like now. I had to travel somewhere at that particular moment. And that was when I took my laptop and instead of opening a site to find plane tickets, I opened my photos folder. Scrolling an infinite list of images back to the very first ones, I stopped on some sunny, gorgeous shots made almost six years ago when I was traveling in Rome, summer sunny Italy…

These are the images that fulfilled my wanderlust and I was walking around devastatingly hot streets of Rome, observing every second building, walking into museums and churches if not to see something interesting then to chill a little bit, eating pasta and taking care of the aching foot.

It was a wonderful journey and I simply couldn’t let these pictures to be only on my computer, I had to share them with you. Maybe they will make you wish to travel to Rome, maybe they’ll bring back your own memories from this stunning city, we’ll see… So here are my favorite shots from a sunny and marvellous Rome!