Lunch at the Martello Hall, London

It’s always a headache to decide where to eat in London because there are sooo many pubs and restaurants to choose from! However, last Sunday my love and I knew pretty clear what we were looking for. I was working at London Fields Sunday market from early morning and, after the market, we had one hour to have lunch because we had to go to the Time Run, which is an escape room right next to the London Fields. We had to find a place as close to the Time Run as possible and the FourSquare app suggested the Martello Hall.

The Martello Hall was only three minutes away from the escape room and they served pizzas (and who doesn’t like pizzas?!). After the market, I headed straight to this place. We hadn’t much time, so on my way there, I was thinking what pizza I want the most. Once I got there, I asked for Pepperoni and, surprise surprise! They don’t do Pepperoni! It was quite unexpected but I sat down I took the menu. Oh boy, their menu was fantastic! The only pizza I knew was Margherita and other pizzas were called “Say Cheese”, “Smokey Bandit” or “The Hot Don”. For the first time in a while I had to read the ingredients of pizzas and, honestly, it was exciting!

Have you ever ate pizza with roast squash, beetroot, broccoli, gorgonzola, mozzarella, sunflower seeds, pistachio pesto, and thyme? Well, I haven’t! So this is the one I chose, the “Green Goddess”! It was the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had! I love classic Italian pizzas but this one was completely different. All those unregular ingredients and unexpected tastes made a perfect combination. With every bite, I was pleasantly surprised. Have you seen movie Ratatouille? If so, you remember how the reviewer Anton Ego felt when he ate the ratatouille… This is how I felt when eating the “Green Goddess”!

The place itself also was incredible. The ground floor is for eating, the first floor is where cocktails are served and on the second floor are restrooms. The whole place is rustic, charming and, at the same time, it feels like a ghost house but in a good way. We loved the atmosphere of the Martello Hall and we both agreed that never before we were in such a special place.

Moreover, they have an awesome brunch on weekends and I was so jealous we hadn’t had enough time for a brunch at that time but, hopefully, we will visit this place again soon! So, my friend, if you’ll happen to be in East London, go for a brunch or at least a pizza here, you won’t regret it! Or if you are (or will be) anywhere in London, I highly recommend this place.

Let me know what are your fav places in London, I’d love to visit them!


October 30, 2017