Lunch at Blue Lotus, Vilnius

There are a lot of great restaurant out there in Vilnius and Blue Lotus is definitely one of them.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend suggested go have lunch together and we also invited my mom. We all were keen on having some Indian food and Blue Lotus restaurant is famous because of its Thai & Indian cuisine so we went there.

As I’ve never been there for lunch before, it was a pleasant surprise to see what delicious dishes they offer for lunch so we just had to try it.

Wonderful soup, fresh vegetables, amazing curry with veggies or meat, well-made rice and, of course, naan bread… Yummy!

The food there is always delicious, here’re some proof pics:

One important thing you should know about Blue Lotus – this place is truly one of the best ones in Vilnius and therefore there are lots of people, always. So make sure to book a table before getting there, especially in the evenings.

If you haven’t been there yet and you have nothing against Thai & Indian food – this is the place you need to go!