Looking For a Hipster Coffice?

As a person who works seven days a week and is the most productive when working in cafes, I struggle with finding new places that would offer everything I need. I am always looking for places, where coffee would be proper, tables would be suitable not only for drinking afternoon tea but also comfortable to work on and, of course, the atmosphere, music and the staff plays a highly important role as well. I was pleasantly surprised when I have found a coffice, exactly my type, and just half an hour away from my home.

On a calm and silent street where any cars barely drive, between dwelling houses, my boyfriend and I found the Hatch. It was a little bit shabby but incredibly cosy place with spacious main space, vintage furniture, subtle music and a lightning that reminds of summers at grandmas place. If you still struggle to imagine it, well, just imagine a super hipster place. This is it.

It is a creative cafe, a bar and a hub at the same time. If you are like me, it might be quite difficult to concentrate when you will be there for the first time because you will want to make photos of everything! The stairs, windows, plants, cakes, cups, armchairs… I could continue this list while every item from the Hatch will be mentioned, the place is full of oldies but goldies worth your Instagram.

Wonder, how was the coffee, cakes, food, etc.? The coffee was great! Strong and tasty! The range of sweet treats was quite wide and we had the lemon polenta with pistachios which was delicious.

So if you are looking for a coffice, an old-fashioned place, inspiration or simply want to visit secret gems of London, this is the place to go.