Leyla – Lebanese Cuisine in the Heart of Vilnius

When I’m about to meet with some friends, most of the time it’s a real struggle to decide where should we go. But a friend of mine recommended me a great Lebanese cuisine in the heart of Vilnius so when I had to decide where should I meet with a dear friend of mine I chose Leyla.

Look Inside

I’ve been in a Lebanese cuisine a while ago and imagined all of them to be quite similar – spacious, with many wide tables, enormous portions of food and lots of people. Well, Leyla is a bit different. It’s located in the old town of Vilnius, between cozy narrow streets and glorious historic houses. This is the place where I imagine how many tiny and lovely chambers can be there, full of their own magic and secrets. Leyla is like a piece of Lebanese hidden in the heart of Vilnius. It’s a small and incredibly cozy place, where the walls are covered in traditional Lebanese fabrics, and, once you enter, you’re in one of those secret chambers. 

The Food

As always, when you go to a restaurant, food is one of the things that matter most. Well, the food there was delicious! We had Lebanese sandwiches, I ordered the one with falafels and my friend chose a sandwich with chicken. They had many other dishes as well and quite a lot of them were suitable for vegetarians as well. Besides, I’m incredibly glad we asked what dessert of the day they had. “Drums…!” Baklava! I fell in love with this cake a while ago when traveling in Grece and it’s probably my favorite cake ever since! So, as you can guess, we ordered baklava too and it was delicious.

Leyla is a truly unique place in Vilnius where you can have traditional Lebanese food and enjoy the vibes. When I’ll struggle to decide where should I meet with my friends or have a dinner date with my love – Leyla will be on my “to-go” list. It’s located at Liejyklos street 1 in Vilnius, more information about their working hours, menu and news can be found here