Let’s Go to Monstro Pizza in Vilnius

“Let’s go to Monstro pizza!” – this is the place I wanted to share with you for a while. When my boyfriend and I were still living in London, we fell in love with all those shabby and cozy hipster places where delicious food is served and where you can be pleasantly surprised by untraditional menus. As we moved back to Vilnius, we found out that there are some new pretty cool places there with the same vibe and Monstro pizza is one of them.

Grandma’s Living Room

When I went to the Monstro pizza for the first time, it made me feel like I was in a grandma’s living room. But there’s nothing wrong with it! Even though it’s quite shabby with all those old-school chairs, chandeliers and Christmas lights, it felt super cozy and loved that feeling! This is exactly the kind of place where I would love to come whenever I’m meeting with friends.

However, grandma’s living rooms aren’t that big and so isn’t this place. There’re just a few tables. Four, if remember correctly, and a bar. And there’s just one table where four or five people can sit so it’s not the best place for larger groups. But there’re some tables outside that are shared between few bars, including Monstro pizza, so when this place is full you might get a table outside. Or you can always book a table in advance, as in most cafes.

Monstro Pizza

It’s time to talk about the food here. So, the place is called Monstro pizza which means monster’s pizza and their logo is a monster with three tongues. Every time we eat here, I remember why there are three tongues. There is so much cheese on those pizzas that it truly would be much easier to eat it with more than one tongue.

However, these pizzas are extraordinary not only because of loads of cheese. They’re also completely different from all pizzas you’ve ever eaten. For example, this time we ate pizza with turkey, mozzarella, camembert cheese and pistachios. We also ate one with pears and gorgonzola cheese and one with salmon and caramelized onions. As you probably already understood from the pizzas I mentioned, you won’t find anything traditional here. But if you don’t mind pleasant food experiments, you’ll enjoy any pizza here.

Besides, it’s also worth mention that their drinks are also unlike in other places. If you’ll want Coke, you won’t have it here. Instead, you’ll be offered a bottle of Fritz-Cola which is quite good. But I prefer natural Wostok lemonade that comes in many different tastes. The one with plums and cardamom is definitely my favorite but all others are great as well, just don’t be afraid to try them out.

All in all, Monstro pizza is one of my favorite places right now in Vilnius. If you’re a pizza lover, untraditional food hunter or a person looking for hipster vibes, this is the place to go. Hope you’ll go visit this place and enjoy it as much as I do!

Learn more about Monstro pizza here.