Let’s Get Some Turkish Food in London

Yesterday I received a message “Wanna have a dinner date?” from my boyfriend. This meant that I won’t have to cook tonight, so hell yes! We decided to find some nice place in advance because by wondering around we usually end up at the same good but already known places. Besides, I wanted to try something we’ve never tried so I opened FourSquare and started the place-hunting.

The problem of having a dinner date in London is that there simply are too many places to choose from! But at least I had some pretty clear criterias about what I was looking for. The place had to be not in Shoreditch because this is where we usually hang out in the evening and it had to serve something else besides pizzas and burgers because we ate a lot of these recently.

I was scrolling and scrolling the infinite list of cafes and restaurants and somehow I spot something interesting – a Turkish restaurant (we’ve never eaten Turkish food), located in SoHo (wonderful!), low price indicator (great), and 8.9/10 score. Seemed like a perfect place! It was Babaji Pide. After checking their images and menu, I was sure this is the place we’re gonna go!

It was quite a task to decide what we’re gonna eat, but finally, we’ve ordered some Turkish tea, oven baked halloumi for a snack and two pides. The tea was just an ordinary black one but it was like a must to have at this kind of restaurant. Speaking of food… Oh boy, it was delicious! The halloumi was served with some sun-dried tomatoes and their duo was wonderful! The pides were a Turkish version of pizzas but the ingredients on top were incredibly tasty! We had one pide with beef and green pepper and another one with some tasty cheese, courgettes and greek nuts. It was the best food I ate for a while!

So if you’re looking for some dinner date ideas in central London, this is definitely the place to go. And if you’re looking for some cooking inspiration, make that halloumi and pides, they were the best!

Oh and there was a pleasant surprise at the toilets. You can pee and observe people passing by Chinatown! (You’re on fourth or fifth floor, so probably only some people can see you(!)) Wonderful experience, wonderful!

October 4, 2017
October 10, 2017