Italian Dinner at La Pasta, Vilnius

What comes to your mind when you hear words Italy and la pasta? Well, the main association that comes to my mind is a large chatty family having dinner together. So when my dear friends and me had to meet around a week ago we chose a lovely place La Pasta where Italian food is served.

Welcome to Italian Trattoria

I’ve heard about La Pasta restaurant a while ago but they used to be located a bit further from the old town and therefore I’ve never visited it before. However, recently they’ve opened a second restaurant in the heart of Vilnius. So when my besties and I had to meet, we chose this place.

We visited La Pasta restaurant located in a charming narrow Totoriu street. This street itself is somehow similar to the streets of Italy towns. But since the moment we got inside the restaurant, it felt like a real Italian trattoria.

The atmosphere there is significant – a nice smell of pasta and lasagne is in the air, you can hear people chatting and laughing, the place is full of happiness. The tables are covered in lovely tablecloths and colourful plates on them look marvellous. At the beginning Italian songs where being played but a bit later a guy began to play piano and it was just perfect.

Bon Apetit!

Speaking of food, it was quite difficult to choose what we want to eat because all dishes seemed delicious and we wanted everything! After all, we had two traditional lasagnes, two different pastas and one risotto on our table and they all were truly superb. All those dishes were made precisely, rich in flavours and tasted like a home-made Italian food.

Even though the portions weren’t small and we were full, we couldn’t resist to try their desserts. We tried tiramisu and pistachio ice cream… I swear, there’re no better pistachio ice creams in the whole world! Whenever I eat ice cream, almost always I chose pistachio flavour and therefore I can ensure you that, at least in Lithuania, it is the most delicious ice cream! I tried just a small bite of tiramisu cake (because I was all into my pistachio ice cream) but it also was incredible.

La Pasta was a pleasant surprise for all of us. All we wanted was to have a nice dinner together with good food. What we got was a wonderful evening in an Italian trattoria with all the Italian vibes and delicious food. I’m sure that I’ll come back here many times, especially for the pistachio ice cream. I think everyone should visit this place, because those who already love Italian food will enjoy every bite and those who think Italian food is nothing special will fall in love with it instantly.

You can find more information about La Pasta hereBon apetit, my friend!

March 26, 2018
April 8, 2018