Italian Dinner at Capo Restaurant in Vilnius

The dinner we had at the Capo restaurant in Vilnius was great and lovely. There’s no need to fly to Italy because you can find a piece of Italy right in the heart of Vilnius old town. Delicious pasta, wine, chit-chats, and laugh. A wonderful evening with friends. it was our dinner at Capo restaurant.

Dream a Little Dream

Imagine a hot summer evening, you’re walking in the old town of Vilnius and getting lost between its beautiful narrow streets. There’re many doors and gates leading to the inner yards and you’re trying to sneak peek and see what’s inside. The feeling that you might find something extraordinary in there doesn’t leave you and you keep looking through all those gates and old wooden doors. In one of those yards, you will find a piece of Italy.

The Charms Inside

From the street, it looks like just another lovely old building, secretly hiding all its stories inside. Once you enter the Capo restaurant, head to the backyard.

First, you will hear silent chit-chats and laugh. Then you will smell the mouthwatering aroma of pasta and pizza. Of course, as in every Italian restaurant, people are sipping wine there as well. No one is rushing, it’s a place where you can spend the whole evening, enjoying food, drinks and time with family or friends.

Italian Dinner

During one of those hot evenings, my friends and I went for a dinner at the Capo restaurant. It felt like we got into a restaurant somewhere in Italy from the moment we came in. We ate all things Italian – pizza, pasta, salads, and had red wine, of course. We enjoyed every moment there and had a great evening.

The old town of Vilnius has quite a lot of magical places hidden and the Capo restaurant is definitely one of them. Whenever you’d like to escape your everyday life for a couple hours or just to enjoy quality Italian food, this is the place to go. 

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