Hotel in Warsaw where even locals like to stay

As you may already know from my Instagram, a few weeks go we were in Warsaw.

At first, we planned to go there just for two nights and booked an Airbnb. But then we decided to extend our trip for two more nights and since that Airbnb wasn’t available, we booked a hotel in Warsaw’s city center.

Loft Hotel

If you’ll open it on Booking (don’t do that now, I’ll leave the not-sponsored-link at the end of the post), you’ll see what a lofty hipster place it is. And you’ll also find how kind of freaky (but not too freaky) and, um, unusual the rooms at this hotel are.

One of the rooms has a huge pig picture on the wall. Or maybe it’s even a wallpaper, I don’t recall but that’s not the point. The point is, once we saw that pig room, we made fun out of it.

Then we read the reviews and they all were truly good. But one review made us laugh even more. A person wrote how much they enjoyed their stay but there was one, yup, only one thing they didn’t like. The huge pig on the wall.

Oh. My. God. … That is so hilarious! We couldn’t resist but laugh! Poor person, they must have known about that pig room if they’ve used Booking platform and probably liked all the other rooms except that one and.. they got that one. So sad yet so funny!

Once we stopped laughing, I’ve heard what I knew I’ll probably hear.

– I’d love to stay in that pig room.

A deep breath of mine.

– Should we look no further and book this hotel?

– Um, yeah.

– Okay.

And that’s how we ended up in the Loft Hotel. To my joy and Pavelas disappointment, we got not the pig room.

Instead, it was Space Escape room with a bit more modest interior but still, it was very rustic, lofty and unusual.

But hey, in the caption I mentioned that even locals like to stay there! So what about that?

Well, firstly, during the breakfast there is a woman who takes care of everyone and makes hot dishes. She’s a chatty lady but I got the impression that the only English words she knows are “scrambled eggs” and “okay”. The fact that hotel personnel (except the reception) barely speaks English says a lot about how often this skill is needed. Or should I say rarely? It doesn’t really matter, you got me.

And, during both mornings when it was breakfast time, almost all the guests were chatting with that lady or other guests in Polish. There were just a couple of guests who spoke English, all the others were locals (I mean, from Poland).

This was even more unusual for us than the hotel’s interior. Never ever have we seen or heard so many guests at a hotel speaking the local language. Actually, it’s usually everything except the local language that is spoken.

Why are locals staying at this hotel?

No idea.

Or maybe one.

I checked out the posts on Instagram with this hotel’s location. It seems like local content creators like this place as there are lots of great pictures posted, so this might be one of the reasons.

Anyway, we’ve spent two nights at this hotel and even though for breakfasts we could choose only scrambled eggs it was a cool experience. It’s definitely not a usual hotel and not-usual is (almost) always interesting.

So if you are or will be planning a trip to Warsaw, check out the Loft Hotel.

And here’s the not-sponsored-link I promised you.

March 31, 2020