Hot Chocolate at Theobromine Chocolatier, Vilnius

This is the first summer when my boyfriend and I are living incredibly close to the old town of Vilnius. This means, that we go for walks quite often and at the same time we also find pretty lovely places. Theobromine Chocolatier wasn’t a new find though. We’ve been in this lovely place in the winter and now we came here once again.

Hot Chocolate Forever

As you can understand from the name of this place, it’s best known for its hot chocolate. Delicious chocolate. Simply wonderful one. If you’ll try it, you’ll say it as well.

When we got here this time, it was a really hot day. So hot that all we wanted was to hide from the heat, have some nice drinks and read. Therefore, when we were walking past Theobromine Chocolatier, we decided to stop there for a couple hours and relax a bit.

Without any hesitations, my love chose a cup of cold chocolate and I was tempted to get a cup of hot chocolate even though it was extremely hot outside. The lovely bartender suggested me to try out hot chocolate with Lavender. I knew how lavender smells but I’ve never tasted it. But recently I was feeling quite adventurous, wanting to try out everything (almost) that comes my way. So I simply had to try this lavender flavour hot chocolate.

Besides, there always is a wide variety of tiny, precious chocolate bites. They are perfection!

Extra Simplicity

Speaking of that hot chocolate I ordered, you know what? That Lavender flavour was so simple, like a casual day, but at the same time, it made such a great difference! Because of that Lavender flavour, ordinary hot chocolate was incredible.

And the same I can say about the chocolatier itself. It’s atmosphere, interior and mood… It’s very simple, casual and nothing fancy. However, just like that lavender makes the hot chocolate stand out, the simplicity makes this place special.

In the main space, there are tables by the windows for freelancers, a large table in the middle for students, and smaller and cosier space for couples. Oh, and there’re also tables outside, some by the entrance, with a view to a lovely narrow street, and others are in the charming inner yard.

Everything there is very simple but at the same time, the place is extraordinary. It’s like a secret gem of Vilnius, hidden in a narrow street, waiting for you to find it, be surprised by their hot chocolate and enjoy the time there. 

Find more information about Theobromine Chocolatier here