Hipster Tallinn guide

After visiting Tallinn twice in one year, I believe it’s time to make a hipster guide to Tallinn.

The old town of Tallinn is famous for its medieval architecture. And where the old town ends, the hipster places are. So here’s a guide to them.

Telliskivi district

The most hipster place in Tallinn is definitely the Telliskivi district. There are lots of cool cafes, food wagons with street food, colorful lights and neon signs, street art, vintage market, Fotografiska gallery, designer boutiques, and so much more. We’ve been there both in winter and in summer and enjoyed it a lot. You can go there for brunch, a cup of hot chocolate, a cozy dinner, and a pint of beer. You can spend there the whole day going from one food spot to another and slowly enjoying the creative places in the meantime. During our first Tallinn visit, we were on a tight schedule and could spend only one evening there. But the second time, we went there almost every day because of how cool it is. So if you’re seeking hipster places, this is a must-visit place and I suggest you dedicate at least half a day to it.

Rotermanni kvartal

We accidentally discovered the Rotermanni kvartal during our second visit to Tallinn and even though it’s full of fast fashion clothing stores, its charms are undeniable. Redbrick buildings, lovely cafes, cozy bakeries, and interesting people are what makes me put this place on the hipster list. It’s not a must-visit spot but if you’ll be around or have some extra time, come there. And if you’re still looking for a place to stay in Tallinn, this is one of the best locations – cool food spots right next to you, the old town is just across the street, Telliskivi district is a five-minute ride with an electric scooter, and the port with a ferry to Helsinki is only ten-minute walk by foot.

Taiboh restaurant

It probably will get on the Strangest-restaurants list of yours. At least it definitely was one of the strangest restaurants we’ve been to. It’s a huge house where each room is a piece of art, filled with extraordinary things. Anime doll in an aquarium? It’s there! Futuristic frescoes? It’s there too! Even if you won’t be hungry, go in there and enjoy the picturesque views!

Piiskopi Aed

One of the best places to watch sunsets. Tallinn is for sure not a flat city and because of that you will find lots of viewing platforms. That’s why it’s only one of the best places because there are quite a few lovely similar ones. Anyway, I highly suggest coming to watch the sunset at least once because it’s simply very pleasant (and romantic, if you want).

Port of Tallinn

It wouldn’t be a full hipster guide without something industrial, right? I know too little about the cool spots at the port of Tallinn but I know for sure it’s a pretty cool spot itself. We’ve been there twice after midnight and once very early in the morning when we were heading to Helsinki, so everything was closed at that time and just a handful of people were walking around. But the place definitely had a cool vibe and we enjoyed our stroll, observing large ships and charming yachts, the sounds of the sea the surroundings in general. I don’t want to get your expectations too high so go there if want a nice walk. And if it’ll be a better time of the day, maybe you’ll be lucky to find some other cool spots in the neighborhood.

Well, and this is the end of our hipster guide. If you’re in the city for a short period of time, that’s more than enough and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your visit a lot. Well, and if you’ll have some extra time, I’m also sure you’ll find even more hipster spots in Tallinn.