Great Restaurant in Klaipeda – Tabu Restobar

I rarely write about restaurants outside Vilnius but when I and friends were spending a weekend at the seaside, we had lunch at a great restaurant in Klaipeda. It’s called Tabu. This place was so great that I simply must tell you about it!

In Search of a Restaurant in Klaipeda

So we came to Klaipeda to have a lunch in one very cool restaurant when we were on our way back home from Palanga. The day was incredibly hot and the sun was shining brightly. All we wanted was to hide from the heat and have a delicious lunch before our long way home. But once we got to the restaurant where we planned to eat, we decided to find another place. It simply was too hot inside and the terrace was without umbrellas. So we hidden in the shadow, took our phones and began looking for another restaurant.

But when you’re looking for a place where the food needs to be superb, the place must be for hipsters and preferably there should be a terrace with a roof or umbrellas, it’s a hard find. After quite a long search, we chose one place. Tabu. It wasn’t near, around 25 minutes away from us, but it seemed exactly what we were looking for. Besides, according to ratings, it’s truly a great restaurant in Klaipeda. So we decided to go there and at the same time get to know the old town of Klaipeda.

Glad We Came Here, Tabu Restobar

Once we finally came here, we were incredibly hungry and tired because of the heat. When we entered the restaurant, the waitress suggested us to have a seat on the terrace in the back yard. The terrace was so cozy, an old beautiful building on one side, and a park on another. Besides, the sun couldn’t touch us because it was already afternoon and the sun was hidden behind the roof. So the place was great.

Speaking of food, it was not easy to choose. Most of the dishes seemed delicious. Finally, we ordered sandwiches with pork and chicken wings with potatoes. The food was as good as we expected (and our expectations were high). The sandwich was full of delicious pork, cheese, and veggies, and it was delicious. The chicken wings were also superb, with great barbeque sauce and potatoes. After lunch, we were ready to go back to the car and have a long trip home.

Even though the time in Klaipeda didn’t turn as we wanted, we had a chance to see more of this city than ever before. Besides, we end up at a wonderful restaurant and we couldn’t be happier about it. Tabu is definitely a superb restaurant in Klaipeda and the food there is delicious. Glad we found this place!

You can learn more about Tabu Restobar here.

July 10, 2018