Girls night at Piano Piano

So all this happened a couple of months ago when my girls and I were having a lovely date at Piano Piano restaurant in the heart of Vilnius.

It’s a lovely place where delicious Italian cuisine, cozy cheerful atmosphere, and happy people meet.

Right when entered the Piano Piano, the laid back and cozy vibe can be felt. Darkness mixed with low lights, candles, and shadows create a perfect atmosphere in there. That’s exactly what I like for meetups with friends!

Speaking of food, Piano Piano has a wide variety of affordable Italian food. They serve delicious pasta, tasty pizzas, and fresh salad. I don’t remember now if they have Italian desserts as well because we were full and haven’t tried them out but I believe they should have some.

Oh, and like in most good restaurants, make sure to book a table unless you consider yourself a super lucky person who always gets a vacant table no matter how many people are at the restaurant!