Family Kayaking Trip

Almost every year, in the middle of the summer, our whole family spends a day together kayaking.  Last year my boyfriend and I weren’t in Lithuania so we had to miss this adventure. So this year I was very excited about this trip and couldn’t wait for it. We went kayaking this Saturday and it was a great experience.

Wake Up, Dress Up & Hurry Up

The alarm woke us up quite early as on Saturday’s morning. We had to wake up at 7 am and get ready quickly. All the clothes and most of the food were already packed. But we needed to have a shower, dress up, have breakfast, drive to a store to buy glass jars and sun cream, and be in a meeting spot at 8 am. In all that rush, we managed to do everything that needed to be done and were just 10 minutes late. Well start, I would say!

Adventure Begins!

Once we were in the camp where the adventure was supposed to begin, all the clouds faded away and a warm sun greeted us. It’s always pleasant to go kayaking when the sun is shining bright, then there’s no need to avoid all the splashes and to try to keep dry. All that needs to be thought of is how to have fun and enjoy the adventure.

We started kayaking in the river Buka, in Moletai district. Almost every year we chose a river or two in Moletai district because there’s a lot of rivers and lakes so the kayaking there is always wonderful. And so it was this time as well. The water was crystal clear, we could see all the water grass, pebbles, and the trees waiting for us to get stuck on them.

Besides, for the first time, there were eleven of us, the whole family was together, having fun and enjoying each other. After kayaking for around two hours and beating almost half of the road, we stopped near a meadow to rest a little bit and have some snacks. We laid a few blankets and everyone took the snacks from their backpacks. It was a picnic full of laugh, good emotions, fun and tasty food.

We Can Do That!

The second part of kayaking was a real challenge, at least for my love and I. First, when we needed to choose one of two ways of the river, we chose the wrong one, which led to shallow. We got stuck there, on a smelly black sludge. And only when we were stuck, we saw that the river ends up there and we need to get back and choose another way.

Once we caught up with all the others, who were patiently waiting for us, we had to deal with another challenge. The lake. And wind. We needed to get through all the lake, which was huge, and because of the wind, the waves seemed quite strong and frightening. Besides, around five years ago we were kayaking across the same lake. Just then it was much windier, a storm was about to begin and the waves were much more frightening. However, this time I was almost crying, wishing we didn’t have to kayak across this terrible lake, and my boyfriend was calming me down, promising we’ll survive it. Well, of course, he was right, but I still think that lake is freaking frightening.

After that lake, we all slowed down, as we were getting more and more tired. Gladly, the rivers and lakes weren’t challenging anymore. As we saw our final destination, it was such a relief. The journey was great but my palms and shoulders were aching so it was great to know that this is it. We’ve made it.

This tradition to kayak every summer is great. Every year we enjoy time together and the beauty of nature. And even though kayaking is not easy, I always look for it. This trip was full of laugh, happiness, and joy. This is exactly what we needed and what made us more close to each other.