Everyday Brunch at Kavos Era, Vilnius

Oh, today was a great day! Not only because after a long week of grey skies and snow sun was finally shining but also because my love and I had a delicious brunch at Kavos Era! Once I heard about this place, I added it to my go-to list but this list so long that I had no idea when I’ll actually visit it. This morning my love suggested to have brunch at Kavos Era and I just couldn’t say no!

What is Special About This Place?

Okay, so I mentioned that once I heard about this Kavos Era, I added this place to my go-to list and you might wonder why. Well, they serve brunch not only on Sundays or weekends but every single day! How awesome is that? That’s why I wanted to go there so badly! However, they don’t work until late night and this is the reason why I’ve never been here before. Gladly, this place made my day!

How Was the Food?

I know, I know, food is what interests you most when we’re talking about cafes. No hesitations, it was delicious! We had eggs Benedicts and a bagel with salmon. Eggs Benedicts are always a must when having a brunch but bagels… I missed them so much since leaving London. We got used to eating them quite often but for some reason, they’re not popular in Lithuania yet. Gladly, more and more cafes are serving them but still not many as I would want to. So we were kindly surprised when we saw bagels on the menu and got one. These two dishes were truly delicious and I’m pretty sure all the other dishes they serve are also great. Besides, we also had an apple and caramel cake but I forgot to take a picture of it before it was gone.


What About Interior and Other Things?

Oh, this place not only serves delicious food but also looks lovely! Even though Kavos Era is not very large, it’s still quite spacious. Also, I love minimal, white interiors with a hint of Scandinavian style and this place is exactly like that. Natural colors, a bit rustic design and light decor elements make this place welcoming and cozy.

However, there aren’t many tables and we were lucky to get one without booking in advance but I recommend you to call beforehand and book a table for your brunch.

Kavos Era is a special place because here you can feel like it’s Sunday even when it’s the middle of the week. They don’t make people wait until the weekend to have a delicious brunch and that’s what I love about them!

You can book a table or learn more about Kavos Era here.

March 5, 2018


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    March 4, 2018

    Glad to hear you enjoyed having brunch at Kavos Era! The food looks delicious! Mmmm salmon and benedicts are the best for brunch! The interior decor of the cafe looks cute as well! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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      March 4, 2018

      Thanks Nancy! If you’ll be visiting Vilnius, make sure to have a brunch there! 🙂