Escape to the Seaside – Palanga

Escape to the seaside during winter always seemed very charming and romantic for me and I always wanted to see the sea when it’s cold and windy outside. Last weekend, my love and I decided to make this wish come true and went to Palanga for a couple days.


We went to my grandfather’s summerhouse which he built a year ago. I’ve visited it a few times when I was back in Lithuania but my love never been there. The weather forecasted wasn’t too bad so we decided to go there for a few days, escape the routine and spend quality time together. It was the first time when I saw streets of Palanga with just a few tourists, almost empty, but at the same time so calming and revitalizing.

We walked by the sea during the day and in the middle of the night, watched fishermen fighting the waves and catching the fish. Went to the performance of Steven Mead and Misa Mead who play euphonium instrument. We also had a wonderful dinner by the lagoon while watching ships passing by and enjoyed every minute there.


Digital Detox

Another great thing about this escape was that the only internet we had was on our phones. We took our computers so that we could watch movies during the late evenings but that was all we used them for. I barely touched my phone either so it truly was a digital detox. I wanted to take the most of that time away and enjoy the surroundings to the fullest. At least for me, it’s not easy to leave all the digits away and live the moment but, after spending four days this way, I didn’t want to use them even when we got back home!

I’ve read a lot about digital detox before and wanted to try it for a while but the temptation always was too strong. I simply couldn’t resist to read an email right away or to check out the news but this time it was different. I paid all my attention to what was going on around me and spent quality time with my love.

I’m incredibly happy about that time away from all the distractions, duties and worries. The fresh air of Palanga, digital detox and time with my love was exactly what I needed and what helped me to regain my inner balance.

January 31, 2018