Drama Burger, Vilnius

Recently my boyfriend and I were hanging out in a fair in Vilnius, after a couple of hours spent in a cold weather, we were tired and hungry and that‘s when we saw the Drama Burger restaurant across the street. It looked so welcoming that we couldn‘t resist to go there.

We‘ve been at Drama Burger before but it was our first time at their new restaurant at Vokieciu street and we were pleasantly surprised by how nice this place was. With two separated areas – ordering and eating ones – the restaurant is very cozy and nice. The restaurant is decorated with neon signs, plants, and lights. All the vibe there was relaxing and overall positive.

What I like a lot about Drama Burger restaurants’ menu is that even though they offer mainly burgers and their sides, there’s a very wide range of them. This time, we both ordered beef burgers that come with fried potatoes. The fries were tasty as always (it’s hard to make them bad) but the burgers… they were delicious! I guess they make these buns themselves because it’s the only restaurant where the burger bun is so soft and with a hint of sweetness. The patty was also great, with the perfectly chosen spices, covered in delicious cheese, complemented with fried onions and veggies. Altogether, the burger was perfection.

A nice day (even though it was a cold one) turned into an even better one when we ate at the Drama Burger! I can confidently tell you that these were one of the most delicious burgers we’ve ever had in Vilnius so if you haven’t been there yet, you know where to invite you date or friends!

April 3, 2019