Dr. Waffle, Your Waffles Are The Best!

There’re some places, that you visit many times because they’re great. There also are places that bring you the best memories. And some places can be both. One of them is Dr. Waffle, a small cafe where delicious waffles are made.

Best Memories

A couple years ago there was a place in Vilnius where incredibly tasty waffles were being served. It was a very tiny place on the main street of Vilnius old town. My love and I used to get iced-coffee at one cafe, then order some waffles to take away, and go for a walk in the old town during those warm and romantic spring and summer evenings. In my memories, those evenings are special.  Two of us, enjoying time together and eating the most delicious waffles ever.

The Waffles Are Gone

So it all was a couple years ago. And then, all of the sudden, the waffles were gone. Instead of them, another street food cafe was opened at the same spot. There was no sign of the old Dr. Waffle anywhere we went. Then we moved to England and life went on.

Now, when we came back to Vilnius, all the time when we were passing the spot where Dr.Waffle used to be, we were remembering how perfect those waffles were and how much we’d like to eat them again.

Dr. Waffle, You’re The Best!

A few days ago, I wanted to visit a nice cafe and have some desserts. Well, my love said that all he wants are waffles so he began searching for a cafe where waffles would be served. We found one place and were about to go there but then opened the maps once again and noticed another red dot quite near our home. Guess what! When we zoomed in to see what cafe it is, it was written “Dr. Waffle”!

They have a wide range of waffles, some of them are for sweet tooths and others are for those who want to have something not sweet. We always eat waffles with chocolate and fresh fruits or chocolate and bananas so I can assure you they’re perfect. However, I had a glance at some other not sweet waffles and they looked delicious as well. Actually, I’m pretty sure that all the waffles at Dr. Waffle are superb and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

So if you’ll be craving for waffles or just something delicious, visit Dr. Waffle. It’s one of my favorite spots in Vilnius and they serve my favorite waffles. 

May 28, 2018