Downtown Food Hall, Vilnius

When I moved to London, I fell in love with all the street food and its restaurants simplicity. Also, I really enjoyed going to food markets housing cluster of stalls and bars. The vibe of those places was incredible and dreamed about a similar place in Vilnius as well.

A few years passed, I’m living in Vilnius again, and finally there are opening those food spaces I’ve dreamed of. One of them is Downtown Food Hall. 

Located in the Vilnius city center, a little bit further from the main street, it’s a buzzling place full of delicious cuisines and happy people. Why happy? Because there you will get the food you want and you won’t hear anyone complaining that “there’s nothing to eat here”. Vegan burgers, sushi, chicken wings, burgers, falafels, salads, popcorns – what ever you want – it’s there. 

What food do I recommend? Peri Peri chicken wings with fries covered in rosemary are one of my favorite dish with no doubt. Another delicious dish is a burger (any) from the Burger Kiosk. I’ve also ate fish and chips with salad from Paikis – the food was delicious but the portion was enormous, I couldn’t eat more than half even though I was starving. Well, and falafel plate from Zatar  is always a great choice.

Another thing that I like a lot about Downtown Food Hall is the interior. The place is spacious and bright and quite colorful which makes it a happy place itself. I find high ceilings very important when creating that laid back and non-binding atmosphere. And together with all those colors of different street food restaurants it makes the hall feel welcoming and charming.

Moreover, this place has something special. A cinema. It’s called Kino Deli. So you can not only enjoy delicious food there but enjoy some quality cinema time as well.

If you haven’t been there yet, call your friends and arrange a meet, you know where to go!