Dinner time at Peri Peri, Vilnius

It was a while ago since I first went to the Peri Peri Rest and wanted to share this cool place with you. Why am I writing about it only now? Because all previous times I was too hungry and right when the food arrived I was more interested in eating than in taking pics… But finally, I managed to take some shots and can share them with you.

Peri Peri Rest is a very nice place, perfect for meeting friends, going on a random date or simly for having some pretty good chicken dishes. The interior is informal and casual with some modern countryside vibes. But not the interior there is the most important, it’s the food.

Oh boy, I do like like like the combo for two they have. I’ve ate this dish a couple of times now and it’s definitely my favourite one (but other dishes are delicious too!). The combo for two is a plate of well fried chicken which is so mouthwatering and delicious that I’d like to have it right now as I’m writing this post. Together with the meat comes three side dishes which you can choose yourself. In the pics you can see the best combo we’ve tried so far – it’s coleslaw salads with salted peanuts, fries with cheese and seasoned corn.

What I always like about this place is that they’re making simple food taste wonderful. Fries? Add some nice matured cheese, traditional coleslaw salads? No need for mayo, better add some peanuts. Fried corn? Some pepper seasoning and same matured cheese will make it taste even better. It all was so soooo delicious!

What else? The staff is super friendly and helpful, so thumbs up for them. What’s more..? Just go there and try out the food yourself, and better book a table cause this rest is always full. And enjoy your meal!