Dinner at Panama Food Garden, Vilnius

There’re some places that feel surreal. Well, Panama food garden is one of them. Therefore, when my love and I wanted to have a special night, we decided to enjoy our dinner at this marvelous restaurant.

Magical Panama Food Garden

Panama food garden is definitely the most romantic and magical restaurant in Vilnius. It’s located a bit further from the old town, in a charming district Zverynas, between old wooden houses. Those who don’t know about this restaurant might pass by thinking it’s just another private house, surrounded by a high rustic fence of climbing plants.

That mystery, lots of plants and feeling like you’re in a grandmother’s yard is exactly what makes it even more enchanting. There are lovely white wooden tables on the terrace and some other seats available in the greenhouse. Also, everywhere are many candles and lights and it makes the Panama food garden look like a picture from a fairytale book. Absolutely magical.

Delicious Food

The atmosphere is important but so is food. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about having our date at Panama food garden because almost all main dishes here are made of seafood and I’m not a fan of it. However, we couldn’t resist the eager to try this restaurant and we had no regrets!

We ordered grilled greenshell mussels as a starter. Served on a banana leaf, the mussels looked delicious and we were excited to taste them. As a person who doesn’t like seafood, I swear, they were great. For the mains, we got Thai red curry chicken and grilled beef salad. My love and I agreed that both meals were superb. Rich in different tastes and flavors, these dishes made us enjoy every bite. Well, and even we were quite full after all these meals, we still ordered a creme brulee to share. It was perfect and we couldn’t be more happy about having our dinner date at Panama food garden.

You can find more information about Panama food garden here.