Daily poison in Vilnius

First, I’ve learned about the Daily Poison on Instagram, it seemed a very popular place for weekend brunch and looked lovely. But who said brunch is only for the weekend? That’s right, no one. So one Friday afternoon my love and I went there for a Friday brunch after work. 

On social media, this place seemed like always crowded and barely having a vacant table. But not this time. Actually, it was completely empty and it’s not a surprise, they serve mainly breakfast meals and who eats breakfast on Friday around 4 p.m.? We do! So, we had all this place just for ourselves, the sun was beautifully shining through large windows and we enjoyed our peaceful lunch date there.

However, even though at Daily poison almost all food is like the one you’d eat for breakfast, the variety is incredible. It ain’t easy to pick the perfect superfood bowl when everything seems delicious. But with the help of kind waitress, we finally chose what we’re gonna eat.

I got myself a Yummy Tummy bowl with chia seeds, almonds, yoguhrt, goji berries, and other delicious ingredients and Pavelas went for a more “lunchy” option – zucchini noodles. These both dishes were incredibly delicious! Of course, zucchini meal was more filling one and my yummy tummy bowl was sweeter one and we both loved it!

Would I go there again? Yes, definitely! The interior, the staff, the food, everything at Daily poison was great and exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t been there before, go and try their delicious food by yourself! Just remember to book a table if you’re planning to go there on weekend. Enjoy your meal!

June 12, 2019