Corfu food guide

Just a couple days ago I was on vacay with the family in Corfu, one of the Greek islands, and as it was about time to share a blog post about food and restaurants, I decided to overview all the tavernas we’ve been at Corfu and to share some of the delicious moments with you guys.

Antoni’s Taverna in Pelekas

This was the first restaurant we’ve visited in Corfu island. As we were visiting some sights near Pelekas village and when we were driving through it, we decided to stop for a late lunch. There were quite a lot of tavernas in this town but after checking some of them and being greeted by strangely looking people, we decided to go for this one as it seemed the most appropriate and there were people already (other tavernas were mostly empty so we didn’t want to risk of food poisoning). This food was okay, not something special or very tasty, quite ordinary I’d say. We had some traditional Greek dishes like Sofrito, Pastitsio, Chicken souvlaki, and Greek salad (my sis went for Italian Spaghetti Bolognese). However, I wouldn’t come back here. One of the reason was “cover fee” that they added to our bill and couldn’t explain properly what was it for and then said it was for the bread snack they brought us… We weren’t hungry anymore but also felt cheated.

Restaurant Skeloudi in Paleokastritsa

At this place, we stopped for an iced coffee while we were exploring the monastery of Paleokastritsa. The coffee was good but the view… ah, it was amazing! Located on top of the mountain (or hill, I’m not sure), it gives you a picturesque view of sea and we simply couldn’t resist it. Would I come back here? For a cup of coffee – definitely, not so sure about the food (when I don’t see other people eating, I think the food might be poisonous or just not good and don’t want to risk it).

Pane a Souvlaki in Corfu Town

So this one was a pleasant surprise… When we were visiting Corfu town, we also wanted to have dinner there but there are so many cafes and so many people that it’s difficult to choose a place with reasonable prices, nice location, and good food. Gladly, here I could use my beloved Foursquare app (no, it’s not sponsored, I just love this app and use it all the time). The problem with restaurants in Corfu island is that many of them aren’t on this app and therefore it’s difficult to choose where to go but in the city, all the restaurants were listed there. So, on this app, I found a restaurant Pane e Souvlaki. It was near a nice square and there were no vacant tables outside so the waiter suggested us to go upstairs. It was a lovely restaurant with gorgeous balconies and blooming flowers… I loved it! And the food, mm, it was delicious! We all liked this place so much that on our last day, just before the flight, we decided not to risk by trying a new restaurant and came here again. The food we ate was: Grill mix for two, Green salad, Chicken souvlaki, Pork Chops, Greek salad, Daka salad, and Quinoa and Spinach salad – all of these were very very tasty!

Restaurant Dionysos in Afionas

One day when we hiking to Porto Timoni beach (one of the most gorgeous beaches in Corfu) we decided to have lunch on top of the mountain, at the Dionysos restaurant. It has plenty of tables on a gorgeous terrace with the views of mountains, sea, and a small town with a beach. The staff was very kind and helpful, told us more about the traditional Greek food and how it’s prepared. We ate: Gyros, Tuna salad, Spaghetti Bolognese and a traditional Corfiot dish similar to moussaka but that one was with lamb, vegetables and feta cheese (can’t remember how was it called exactly). All the food was really tasty and we had a wonderful afternoon there. Definitely recommend!

Black Rocks in Agios Gordios

We were staying in Agios Gordios town during the vacay so instead of always eating in other towns, we wanted to try something in this one too. My parents had seen a nice restaurant a bit further from the main street, by the beach, and wanted us to go there so we did. On that day wind was very strong and the waves were quite high, when I saw that the terrace of that restaurant is actually right by the rocks where waves hit, I was a little bit afraid it will be too cold for us or we might even get soaked. However, the waiter (I believe he was the owner of that place) suggested us a table covered from wind with a glass wall and it was perfect – no wind could be felt and we were safe from the waves. What about food? We tried two dishes – chicken souvlaki and pastitsio (our two favourites ass you’ll notice) and they both were splendid. Large portions so no space left for desserts but oh so delicious! Besides, pastitsio was very tasty everywhere but here they add something else, like a secret spice or something, which made it the best pastitsio we’ve ever eatten.

Europe in Corfu Town

When we were in Corfu town for the second time, we decided to go to any restaurant nearby which will seem good enough so we went to Europe restaurant which is right near the Liston. The view there was nice and we could observe people passing by the avenue. However, the food was a bit disappointing. When we were at Pane e Souvlaki, we had a delicious Grill mix so here we also ordered grill mix for 4 and a plate of Greek salad as there were no fresh vegetables in the mix. Maybe our expectations were too high but this food wasn’t good. I’d say it was normal. Normal as dry chicken souvlaki, normal as a sausage cut in half and grilled, normal as ordinary patties… Well, just normal. If I’d go there again, I probably wouldn’t order food. This experience was the reason why we came back to Pane e Souvlaki the other day.

Sebastian’s Restaurant in Agios Gordios

Well, and one more restaurant in Agios Gordios, a wonderful one, actually. Every evening when we were going for a walk, we passed this restaurant and each time I was charmed with its lights in the dark. I wanted to go there but we always ate somewhere else and simply weren’t hungry until bedtime. But one day when we ate earlier, in the evening we went here to get some baklava. It was incredibly beautiful there, lots of plants, lovely tables, kind staff, and simply a wonderful atmosphere. So on that evening, we had baklavas – incredibly delicious ones, served with vanilla ice cream, yummy! And the other day we came back there for dinner and had: chicken souvlaki, swordfish, Sebastian’s pasta, and pastitsio. We expected these dishes to be delicious and they were! Another perfect place in Corfu! Besides, keep in mind they’re open only since 6 p.m.

So these are all the places we ate and as you’ve read, not all our experiences were superb but if someone would ask me what are a must go restaurant in Corfu I’d say there are two – Pane e Souvlaki and Sebastian’s restaurant. When you’ll be in Corfu, check them out!