Coffice Time! Ozone Coffee Roasters, London

Time to share some coffice spots in London! For the past few weeks, I was mostly working from home or the coffices I love most but I thought it was time to find a new spot and here it is – Ozone Coffee Roasters – an amazing place for a proper cup of coffee!

Located right next to the Old Street station this place is perfect for everyone who’s working from anywhere. Most of the tables there are literally made for working, there are just a few tables for two or four persons, most of them are for the ones working with computers.What I also really liked about this place was the atmosphere. Sometimes, the place can be really appealing but if the music is too loud or if the waiter comes to you too often it’s difficult to concentrate on what you’re working on and finally you’re looking for another coffice nearby. Well, this place is completely different. At least when I was there during the daytime, almost all the people were working and the atmosphere was perfect for concentrating on what you’ve to do.

What about coffee? I’m a latte person so yeah, the latte was perfect! But they also offer a wide range of coffees (their coffee menu was quite long) so I’m pretty sure here you can find any kind of coffee you want!

Besides, just a few minutes away is a Museum of London so if you want to make your day a little bit different and jump out of your routine, go there before or after working at Ozone Coffee Roasters. I love museums so I went to the Museum of London in the morning and it made my day, in the middle of the week it felt like a weekend and I’ve found myself much more productive than usual. Also, instead of walking to the Ozone Coffee Roasters through the main streets, go visit the Barbican. It’s like a hidden palace in the middle of the city and is right next to the Museum of London. Then go to the Ozone Coffee Roasters and have a productive day!


September 5, 2017
September 10, 2017