Brunch at Saules Jegaine in Vilnius

When all my dearest friends are in town and it’s Sunday, it means only one thing – an old good brunch.

As might already see on my Instagram, a couple of weeks ago my friends and I met for a slow and delicious brunch the other weekend. Without thinking too much where should we meet, we decided that Saules Jegaine will be a great spot. A couple of years passed since our last brunch there so we feel quite sentimental about this place.

Besides food, what I like a lot about Saules Jegaine is it’s atmosphere. It’s an old building where youth gatherings had been going on for years. It’s also space for creatives, starting musicians who do concerts there and crafty people who sell their creations there during fairs. You can feel the building is alive and spiritual, full of its own memories. But of course, as always, the food is the most important…

(but take a look at some pics first)

So speaking of food, it’s better to come there with an empty stomach because you pay 12 Eur, get a glass of mimosa, egg benedict and plenty of other delicious food – eat as much as you can. There’s a table full of cold and hot snacks that all are really tasty. This time, I started with the dessert as I knew later on the delicious panna cotta will be gone and my taste receptors won’t appreciate the delicate taste of this superb dessert after tasting all the other goods. It was a good decision because soon the panna cotta was gone. However, the snacks never end and if some of them are gone, the others are served. And the egg beendicts with salmon… they’re heavenly!

One more thing, make sure to book a table if you’re planning to go there because space there is limited and at least this time I haven’t seen booking sign only on two tables. So if you don’t consider yourself a super lucky one, you better give them a call a day or two before the bruch.

What else can I say about Saules Jegaine? This is a lovely place to go with your significant other, friends, family and kids (thanks to music, you can’t hear babies crying). If you haven’t been there yet – maybe go there next Sunday?

April 19, 2019